Love Thy Self For Long-Lasting Change

By: Debbie Stiller, Director of Wellness and Aquatics A friend of mine just asked my opinion on wearable fitness trackers. She wonders if seeing that thing on her wrist will motivate her to move.  She is wondering if it will make her more accountable … more able to stick to the “rules” she has set for herself.  ... More

eBite: Brain Boosters + Recipe

Alzheimer's Disease is the most common form of dementia and the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. In this progressive, irreversible disorder, nerve cells in the brain slowly degenerate, causing problems with memory, thinking, and behavior. Despite extensive research, both cause and cure for Alzheimer's ... More

March Member Spotlight: Lauren Newton

Lauren's dedication to training and stellar work ethic makes her a superstar member, but her smart-and-savvy wellness mindset is something all of us can learn from. When Lauren Newton isn’t juggling the books as a full-time nursing student at Alvernia University, working at a local hospital or teaching young girls ... More

Weekly eBite: Why Nuts Are Healthy + Recipe

Nuts are underrated nutritional gems, packed full of protein and linked to lowering levels of cholesterol, decreasing heart disease, reducing weight, and lowering the risk of cancer. Americans do not eat nuts regularly, which account for only 8% of daily antioxidant intake, possibly because people are afraid of the fat ... More

Try Hockey for Free Day

What will youth hockey bring out of your kid? Strength. Responsibility. Thrills. Hockey helps boys and girls make big strides. Body Zone Sports and Wellness Complex invites boys and girls to Try Hockey for Free Day on Saturday, Feb. 25th for a free clinic as part of Hockey Week Across America. Starting at 4:30 PM, ... More

February Member Spotlight: Mike Faust

Mike Faust hiked the Swiss Alps and cruised the Danube, yet he maintains his excellent fitness level by working out almost every day of the week --  his biggest fitness achievement to date. A group fitness enthusiast, he joined Body Zone in 2009 and constantly  finds himself mixing in classes with his training ... More

Introducing … Body Zone Physical Therapy

Body Zone Sports and Wellness Complex is thrilled to announce the addition of Body Zone Physical Therapy as its newest community health service. Randy Yocum, DPT, CSCS, has been named director of the privately-owned orthopedic and sports physical therapy center. It is located in Body Zone's Wellness Center. The ... More

Resolutions: Perspective + Self Care

By: Debbie Stiller, Body Zone Director of Wellness and Aquatics With a new year upon us, I like so many of you I am sure, are reflecting on your life as I am on mine and thinking about what 2017 will bring. Over the years I have made resolutions for the future which never came to be. I almost always came to the conclu... More

Weekly eBite: Guilt-Free Winter Breakfasts + Recipe

Once cold weather hits, a bowl of cereal just doesn’t cut it. But deciding how to keep a comforting wintertime breakfast meal healthful can be a challenge. When it is freezing cold outside and the snow is falling, many of us crave bacon, eggs, pancakes, and cinnamon buns. Problem is, these foods can really kill a ... More

Adult Sports Leagues at Body Zone

Harvard study: great health benefits for grown-ups who play sports

The health benefits for adults who play sports are excellent according to a Harvard Gazette article. The article also acknowledges the challenge of getting people to do so as they age. The article states that the benefits of playing sports are impactful. It lists keeping the body strong, reducing the risk of heart ... More