eBite: Build A Better Burger

It’s grilling season and burgers top the list of the most popular foods to slap on the grill in summer. Not only is it the quintessential comfort food, it is truly an American classic too. The trouble is, a broiled quarter pound hamburger has 20 grams of total fat, 8g of saturated fat. So can you indulge, without ... More

May Member Spotlight: Dennis Karahalias

Dennis Karahalias, 58, a long-time Body Zone member, has an enduring and inspiring message: When results from working out are nowhere to be found, “remember that you can’t outrun your fork, and abs are always, always made in the kitchen.” The way Dennis talks about his health goals, you’d probably think he’s ... More

eBite: Eat Your Bulbs + Recipe

Allium vegetables, often referred to as bulb vegetables, are aromatic vegetables used widely in cooking to add flavor to many dishes. Their earthy and pungent sweetness can transform any dish, and the sulfides that give them their strong aroma have been linked to a reduced risk for breast and colon cancer and have ... More

eBite: Let Your Plate Control Your Portions + Recipe

Most dieters agonize over what to eat for their dinner. Now, research has suggested that those who want to lose weight should think instead about the plates on which they serve their meals. Does the color of your plate affect how much you eat? A new study by Dr. Brian Wansink et al from Cornell University indicates ... More

eBite: Eating Before You Work Out + Recipe

Yes! A pre-workout meal, eaten three hours within your workout, can offer multiple health benefits that can power you through your fitness practice. Replenishing your glycogen stores with nutrition can improve your energy level significantly during a workout, as your muscles are fueled by the energy created by ... More

April Member Spotlight: Stan Kiec

Stan’s impressed his doctor and found himself able to pursue the hobbies he loves pain-free while training at Body Zone’s indoor pool. Stan Kiec loves the outdoors – his passion for fishing and hiking keeps the 58-year-old happy and healthy in his spare time. But before he committed to a Body Zone personal ... More

Love Thy Self For Long-Lasting Change

By: Debbie Stiller, Director of Wellness and Aquatics A friend of mine just asked my opinion on wearable fitness trackers. She wonders if seeing that thing on her wrist will motivate her to move.  She is wondering if it will make her more accountable … more able to stick to the “rules” she has set for herself.  ... More

eBite: Brain Boosters + Recipe

Alzheimer's Disease is the most common form of dementia and the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. In this progressive, irreversible disorder, nerve cells in the brain slowly degenerate, causing problems with memory, thinking, and behavior. Despite extensive research, both cause and cure for Alzheimer's ... More

March Member Spotlight: Lauren Newton

Lauren's dedication to training and stellar work ethic makes her a superstar member, but her smart-and-savvy wellness mindset is something all of us can learn from. When Lauren Newton isn’t juggling the books as a full-time nursing student at Alvernia University, working at a local hospital or teaching young girls ... More

Weekly eBite: Why Nuts Are Healthy + Recipe

Nuts are underrated nutritional gems, packed full of protein and linked to lowering levels of cholesterol, decreasing heart disease, reducing weight, and lowering the risk of cancer. Americans do not eat nuts regularly, which account for only 8% of daily antioxidant intake, possibly because people are afraid of the fat ... More