eBite: Snack Your Way To Better Health

Those who nibble on snacks in the mid-afternoon tend to pick healthier bites, according to a study from the University of Illinois at Chicago that was published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. The researchers found that afternoon snackers ate more fiber, fruit, and veggies; while also losing more ... More

eBite: An Apple A Day

Most of us have heard the phrase "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." Well, it’s true! The best part about including apples into your diet is that they are both nutritious and delicious, low in calories and high in dietary fiber. Research suggests that apples may reduce the risk of colon cancer, prostate cancer and ... More

October Member Spotlight: Kristyna Eagle

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and for our Monthly Member Spotlight, we’re featuring BZ member Kristyna Eagle. A Governor Mifflin School District French teacher, mother of one and die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan, the 46-year-old says that Body Zone was a critical component of her road to recovery and health ... More

Biggest Mover Wellness Challenge Benefits Laney’s Legacy of Hope

Do you have what it takes to be Body Zone’s BIGGEST MOVER? Join our Biggest Mover Wellness Challenge, get your move on, and give it a try! You’ll do both your body and Laney’s Legacy of Hope a ton of good. This unique six-week team challenge will use Body Zone’s new MYZONE wearable heart rate monitors to ... More

Charlene’s Dash To The Finish Line

Meet Charlene Fourquet. She loved the last session of our "Your Way to a 5K" group running class so much that she re-upped for the next class starting September 7. Why? We recently had a chance to catch up with her and here's what she had to say. Were you a running newbie prior to the class? I had tried many times to ... More

September Member Spotlight: Denise and Bob Weston

The duo has been using Body Zone as their place for recovery and fitness since 2015, and enjoy pushing each other to new fitness feats every day When Bob Weston, a lifelong and active outdoors man, was finished with back surgery in December 2015, he was ready to get his fitness levels back on track. And there was no one ... More

Body Zone & PK Wellness Matters Partner To Serve Local Corporate Wellness Needs

Wyomissing,PA — Body Zone Sports and Wellness Complex and PK Wellness Matters, a division of Power Kunkle Benefits Consulting, announced a partnership today to help meet the total wellness needs of local employers and the community as a whole. The two companies are teaming up to offer services that will help build better ... More

August Member Spotlight: Andrea Loud

Because we are so proud of our inspiring fitness community, we like to find out more about what makes certain members tick. Read this brief snapshot about Andrea Loud, busy mother, corporate leader and healthy role model. Meet Andrea I am a wife of one and mother of two children (ages 6 and 8). I am a Vice President ... More

eBite: Foods For Healthy Skin + Recipe

Beyond topical treatments, there are actually skin-friendly foods that can be nurturing and rejuvenating. In actuality, whatever you eat that’s good for you is also good for your skin. Still you might also consider adding these foods to your diet. Omega 3 fatty acids do more than lower triglycerides and combat ... More

eBite: 12 Tips For Eating Healthy On A Budget

Feeding a family can be an expensive so it's unfortunate when unused food goes to waste. More than 1/3 of food produced globally is wasted or spoiled. Americans throw away up to 40% of the food they buy, and organic matter in landfills provides 20% of methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas that contributes consid... More