MYZONE Interactive Fitness

Committed to making your fitness experience more engaging and fun, we partnered with MYZONE technology, a system of wearable heart rate monitors and real time feedback that will make your workout experience at Body Zone more interactive than before.

What is it?
Purchase Your MYZONE Wearable!
MYZONE-based Challenges at Body Zone

What is it?

MYZONE uses wireless and cloud technology to monitor physical activity. It monitors heart rate, calories, time and MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs), with a focus on rewarding effort rather than fitness. Your fitness data, along with others’ results, is recorded and sent to monitors around the wellness center.

How does it work?

MYZONE technology includes MYZONE wearable belts, which track your heart rate, and MYZONE software linked to monitors, which display your heart rate, your goal progress and MEPs on a screen. Cloud and Bluetooth-based technology enable your workout status to be constantly updated on several monitors throughout the wellness center and at Guest Services.

Why is it for me?

MYZONE focuses on the effort behind the workout, and doesn’t fixate on calories burned. It’s designed to empower your workouts, making them more competitive by putting you against your peers, and keeping the experience fun and challenging. MYZONE-based workout challenges, designed by Body Zone, add extra inspiration and motivation too! Scroll down to see a list of current programs.

Purchase Your MYZONE Wearable!

MYZONE heart rate belt kits (strap, monitor, and charge) are available for purchase right now!
COST: $129 (includes a FREE InBody Body Composition test valued at $39).


For more information contact:
Dave Moseley
Assistant Director of Fitness

MYZONE-based Challenges at Body Zone

“MAY” The Best Team Win MYZONE Challenge

Summer is almost here! It’s time to get your workout on and help a great cause! Whether you’re working out at Body Zone, walking the dog or mowing your yard — wear your MYZONE wearable belt, rack up those MEPs and help your team win!

May 1 – 31, 2018

This month-long team challenge will use Body Zone’s new MYZONE wearable heart rate monitors to accurately track and inspire your workouts and movement using MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) as a scoring guide. Sorry, MEPs in grey zone do not count for this challenge.

All entrants pay a $10 fee/donation with all proceeds going to Reading Recreation Commission in honor of BZ Director of Operations Jim Washington who passed away suddenly on April 2. Join us in honoring his incredible legacy of giving back to this vital community organization among countless others.

Already a Body Zone MYZONE user? You’re in good shape! We’ll send you a challenge invite and your team assignment through email and your MYZONE app. Pay your $10 donation HERE or at the 2nd floor wellness desk.

Want to join us? Buy a MYZONE heart rate monitor kit for just $110 from now until May 1 only — includes your $10 challenge donation. You get a free $39 InBody Body Composition analysis too! Purchase HERE or at the 2nd floor wellness desk.

All participants are invite to attend a free workshop on Heart Rate Training + Your Fitness Goals on April 17 by BZ Trainer Dave Moseley. Details HERE.

“In The Zone” MYZONE Monthly Challenge

What is it?
Monthly raffle for MYZONE users at Body Zone.

How does it work?
Reach the World Health Organization’s guideline of 1,300 MEPs per month and earn one ticket for a raffle drawing occurring at the beginning of every month. Prizes include: gift certificates to local restaurants, personal training sessions, free InBody Body Composition tests, tickets to local sporting events and more! One winner will be selected.

How to participate?
Reach 1,300 MEPs and you’re automatically entered.