“Tough as Nails” Self-Defense For Women and Teen Girls

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Learn concepts and skills to help you develop important and empowering self protection strategies in this popular and successful program for women and teen girls. The course offers hands-on learning, practice and reinforcement of effective and easy-to-remember self-defense techniques along with the use of state-of-the-art equipment to help reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of an attack.

Includes six 90-minute classes and weekly email support.

Dates: In Session
Day: Thursdays
Time: 6:00 – 7:30 PM
Location: Agility Room – 2nd floor Wellness Center
Instructors: Allison and Troy Reppert
Register:  In Session
Questions? or Body Zone Guest Services, 610-376-2100

About the Instructors/Founders

Allison and Troy Reppert

Allison and Troy Reppert

Troy and Allison Reppert are a husband and wife team and the co-owners of Crossfire Fitness and its subsidiaries, Tough as Nails™ Women’s & Teen Girls Self-Defense, Nailed It!™ Enhanced Women’s Small Group Self-Defense, Savvy Seniors™ Self-Defense and Konfident Kids™ Self-Defense.

Allison Reppert is an registered nurse, certified personal trainer, 4th Degree Master’s Level Black Belt in Tang Soo Do, certified Les Mills BODY COMBAT, BODYFLOW, BODYVIVE and BODYATTACK instructor, holds a Certification in Weight Management and teaches free style group fitness and cardio fusion classes.  Troy is a Systems Engineer, owner of Blue Mountain Gun Works in Bethel, PA, a certified personal trainer, certified Silver Sneakers Classic instructor, has over 28 years of grappling and hand-to-hand combat experience.

Together they have more than 28 years of experience teaching self-defense and various other types of fitness and training classes that help promote overall fitness, empowerment, confidence, and well-being. Their team approach allows them to better understand, appreciate, and identify with each participant’s needs. They are extremely passionate about building quality relationships with their clients, taking a genuine interest in each person as a unique individual. Their self-defense programs were uniquely created to cater to different groups of people in efforts to help each one focus on common situations in which they could possibly encounter based on age, gender, size, or places and activities those individuals would most frequent. Their overall goal is to try to keep things as uncomplicated and easy to remember as possible, educating and instilling an understanding of just how valuable and important it is to develop a self-protection plan to enhance necessary awareness, remain more calm in a crisis situation, and be better prepared in efforts to lessen the chances of becoming a victim of an attack.

What to expect at every “Tough As Nails” class:

  • Education via brief presentations and handouts on a different self-defense topic each week
  • A purposeful related game, challenge, or activity designed to reinforce your learning
  • Demo /instruction /education on a different personal self-defense item/tool each week
  • Demo /instruction/education on different physical self-defense techniques each week
  • Partner /group interaction, including the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends
  • Practice as time allows
  • A chance for discussion and ability to ask questions related to the topics and techniques reviewed
  • Lots of encouragement and support
  • A sense of accomplishment, empowerment, and fun!
  • Incentives and freebies with your participation each week

What past Tough As Nails course participants are saying:

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“Loved the class! I now feel I have the knowledge to react. I know I need to practice the moves I learned in order to have them be an automatic reaction, but at least I now know how to size up the situation to determine my options. I really appreciated the information on when a weapon is used, and the knowledge that we need to control the weapon, and the work on disarming the attacker. I would not have thought to grab the weapon out of fear, but now I realize it’s really the only way to stay safe if I decided I have no other way out of the situation. I feel the information on how not to stand out as an easy target was excellent! I need to look confident, hold my head up, put my phone away, have my keys in hand, and look people in the eye. Looking aware and confident may just make someone think twice about even attempting to approach me.”

“Overall the class made me feel more prepared and aware of my surroundings. I am definitely looking forward to taking the “Nailed It!” course so that the skills I learned can become more instinctual. The techniques and the ways to remember them were very easy (ABC’s and “4 Sure”). I would definitely recommend the class! The hands on training stood out and made it extremely helpful to learn and remember the techniques. I think that that the dynamic of a husband and wife team of instructors was also very neat.”

“The instructors did a great job and I learned a lot! The techniques are simple, yet effective and anyone can do them. The PowerPoint handouts are very helpful for remembering what was reviewed so I can practice. Allison’s personal experience, and the clear commitment she and Troy have to teaching self-defense really stood out. It goes beyond what you would normally find. The practice with Troy was the most useful, especially the lesson on guns. I think Troy and Allison are a great team and did a good job of handling sensitive material and putting us all at ease with what we had to learn. Allison was very supportive.”

“I am generally aware of my surroundings, and cautious about where I go, but now knowing some ways to protect myself (airway, carotid) and some tools (pepper spray, personal alarm) make me more confident in my ability to stay safe. It was interesting to see that both younger and older women were at first hesitant about the idea of kicking an attacker, but then became more confident with the idea that it is OK to protect yourself by any means possible. The instructors were very patient.”

“The information, presentation and techniques taught in this course were excellent! It was well organized and the instructors were very knowledgeable and supportive. They were able to address sensitive issues very well and really showed that they respected their participants and truly cared about their safety. Allison and Troy work very well together and are very personable & easily approachable. I would definitely recommend this course to others and am very much looking forward to taking the next step in their “Nailed It!” course.”