A new sport for the modern athlete is played at Body Zone

Kronum is played with a sport-specific ball on a field made of three concentric circles. Different zones on the field of play dictate how the ball is handled and points awarded for scoring.

The Kronum Ball was custom built to be thrown and kicked. Because of this the game combines elements of soccer, basketball, football, handball, water polo (minus the pool) and more.

The goal is billed as "unlike anything you've ever seen" and features a chamber and a crown. The goal's goal is to encourage creativity and athleticism.

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Highlight Video

Rules and Scoring Explanation Video

Kronum Rentals

Kronum can be played by renting field time. All equipment (two goals and balls) is included. Please call 610-376-2100 for rates and availability.

FALL/WINTER 2016-17 Adult Leagues

Games Guaranteed (Regular Season + Playoffs): 6 (5+1)
Minutes per game (Regular Season/Playoffs): 45/24
Fee per team (must be paid in full by first game): TBA
Registration Deadline: TBA
Ref Fees: TBA
Time: Evenings
Day: TBA
Game Dates: TBA

  • Games are 5v5, rosters are limited to 10 players
  • Adults ages 18+

*If needed. Playoffs could take place this week or the week before depedning on the number of teams.


Doug Miller
Assistant Director of Sports
610-376-2100 x 453