8 in 8: One-On-One Weight Loss Jump Start Program

Cost: $399.00
Includes eight-week
access to Body Zone’s
Wellness and Aquatics

Interested in losing a few (or more) pounds?

8 in 8 is an individualized weight loss approach led by a team of Body Zone wellness experts. We’ll provide support and education, programming and tools in a non-judgmental environment. Give us eight weeks of your time, we’ll surround you with a team of professionals committed to your health and well-being.


You’ll benefit from 8 in 8 if you:

  • Have been told by your physician to lose some weight.
  • Have watched the number on the scale “creep” up more than you would like
  • Are engaging in eating and exercise habits which are putting or keeping you at risk for disease and illness
  • Are preparing for orthopedic surgery and have been told to lose some weight
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Jason Kelly
Assistant Director of Wellness & Aquatics
and Aquatics
Jason Kelly

Get a private and personalized eight-week wellness plan including:

Fitness/Personal Training with a credentialed Body Zone Personal Trainer

  • Introductory 50-minute health and fitness assessment with credentialed BZ Personal Trainer
    InBody Body Composition Test and analysis
  • 50-minute training session with program design
  • Two 25-minute follow up training sessions
  • Use of MYZONE Interactive Fitness Tracker with weekly goals
  • Digital support from your trainer offering encouragement and support to keep you on track

Nutrition/Lifestyle Education and Actionables with Body Zone’s Certified Integrative Health Coach

  • Initial 60-minute goal setting meeting
  • Weekly private 30-minute meetings
  • In depth exploration of the following: nutrition goals, your relationship with food, cravings, stress reduction, energy levels, self care, lowering risk for chronic disease/illness, choosing/preparing healthful foods and more.
  • Digital support from your coach offering encouragement and support to keep you on track

Physical therapy by a licensed Body Zone Physical Therapist

  • 60-minute pre-surgical evaluation/session

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