Personal Training: Options & Programs

It may be simple, but our goal is to help you achieve your goal.

We don’t put our clients through “workout A” or “workout B.” Instead, we take an individualized approach to your training and throw away the cookie cutter workouts.

You’re background, motivation, margins and goals are unique to you. Why should your program be the same as anyone else’s?

Weigh To Wellness Trim Down

Ready to feel better and lose weight? Join Body Zone’s six-week Weigh To Wellness Trim Down. Click the photo to learn more!

Body Zone’s personal training program is for you if you are:

  • New to exercising in a gym and unfamiliar with equipment and usage,
  • Experienced at training, but not seeing the results you are looking for,
  • Training for an event (marathon, mud run, etc.) or a milestone (wedding, vacation, etc.),
  • Bored with your current routine,
  • Looking for some new and cutting edge training techniques,
  • Injured and/or following a rehab protocol,
  • Finding it hard to stay motivated.

Find a training program that fits your life:

  • One-On-One Training. Ideal instruction for members with defined goals, athletes looking to reach their potential and/or members with physical restrictions that require private attention.
  • Express Training. A perfect selection for members who desire a goal-centered training scenario compatible with their busy lifestyle.
  • Small Group Training. A great option for those on a set budget and/or looking to train with others in an upbeat and team-oriented environment.

About our training staff
Our trainers are the most experienced in the area. We pride ourselves on recruiting fitness professionals with varied backgrounds and approaches to fitness. By having multiple points of view we ensure that every client is perfectly matched based on their individual needs. Learn more about our personal training team here.

To get started with personal training at Body Zone and to find a trainer who best matches your abilities and needs, contact Sarah Vecchio, Director of Fitness at 610-376-2100 OR:

Did you know? Body Zone Sports and Wellness Complex is a National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) and Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) preferred facility. Partnership benefits for our staff and potential staff and members are numerous and offer preferred pricing, workshop discounts and more. Contact Sarah Vecchio to learn more.