Patient Success Stories

We’re a new practice, but our team is hardly new to the game. Here are some inspiring stories behind the impact we’ve made on our patients.


Moving past MS’s obstacles, Kathy Stott is feeling better than ever

Eleven years ago, Kathy Stott’s Multiple Sclerosis was so bad, she was clinging to any new route for treatment, and sought out Dr. Randy Yocum for help. She couldn’t walk without holding on to something. She couldn’t drive her car. Her spine was crooked, her hips were uneven, and her core was so weak, she couldn’t stand up. Today, after years of an intense physical therapy regimen with Dr. Yocum, she’s making amazing strides in her health.

She’s been amazed by her improvement in mobility, and Dr. Yocum and his staff have been utterly inspired by her progress too. To Kathy, her course of treatment has given her so much more to look forward to:

“My issues are still not resolved but I keep progressing. I’ve gone from crawling to standing, to steps with a stationary walker to using a wheeled walker, to recently practicing with a quad cane…As Randy says, he’s never seen anything like this — this kind of progress in an advanced state of MS like mine.  I plan on working with Randy until I can walk unaided.

I like and respect the way Randy gives his best to each and every session. He is no doubt gifted, talented and the best in his field. He is focused, educated and so attentive to my needs and others around me.

He drives me to work to my limit and inspires me with faith and hope. I benefit from his persistence and I’m inspired by his belief in my body’s ability to regenerate. God blessed me with his craft and he’s taken me where I am today.”

A college soccer coach’s take on Body Zone Physical Therapy

From professional soccer player to college soccer coach, Jerry Moyer has seen a lot of injuries in a span of a few decades. The go-to guy when something goes awry for Moyer or any of his three children? Dr. Randy Yocum.

From ACL reconstructions to ankle sprains, Moyer goes to Yocum with confidence of a successful recovery. When physical therapy is essential to recovery, Moyer’s referred all of his athletes he’s coached over the years to Yocum and his staff.

In his own words:

“Randy is the ultimate professional. Every aspect of his work is top-notch. While I could list 100 things that I like about his services, as a parent of three athletes, what I like most is his professional knowledge. He gets results, and that’s really what everyone wants. No matter the situation, I know that if we see Randy and follow his protocol, the results will come.

When you’re in need of physical therapy, do what me and my family do, make the call to BZ Physical Therapy and Randy Yocum. Simply stated… they’re the best around!”