Staff Directory

Name Title Phone/Ext. 
Front Office   610-376-2100
Ted Kolva, Jr. General Manager x 227
Stacey Raker Human Resources Manager x 229
Christine Kolva Director of Marketing & Communications  
Sydney Glasmyre Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications x 331
Barry Spann Director of Maintenance x 239


Wellness & Aquatics   610-376-2100 
Jason Kelly Director of Wellness x 282
Sarah Vecchio Director of Fitness x 330
Kyle Lincoln Director of Aquatics x 225
Janelle Leib Member Advisor x 329
Jackie Patton Member Advisor x 326
Alicia Impink Member Advisor x 451


Body Zone Physical Therapy   610-376-2100 
Dr. Randy Yocum Director of Physical Therapy x 259
Amy Diehm Office Manager x 259


Sports, Ice and Youth Programs   610-376-2100 
Jason Bowman Director of Sports, Ice & Youth Programs x 236
Doug Miller Assistant Director of Sports x 452
Audrey Turner Director of Skating Programs x 453
Donna Lascoskie Director of Youth Programs/Event Coordinator x 283