Private Swim Lessons For Beginners, Competitive Swimmers & Multi-Sport Athletes

Please note: due to high demand there is currently a long waitlist for private lessons. Need lessons asap? Please check out our small group lessons also known as our popular Swim School.

  • Private swim lessons (1:1 ratio) are $50 for a 25-minute session.
  • Many instructors offer semi-private lessons (2:1 and 3:1 ratios) which are all 25-minutes long.
  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes early for your lesson.
  • Check-in at Body Zone Guest Services prior to every lesson.
  • Lessons are non-refundable.
  • To schedule a lesson please contact Juli Hyatt, Body Zone director of aquatics.

Meet Our Swim Instructor Team

Christina Butler

Specialties: Learning to swim at all ages, training competitive swimmers, stroke development

Christina’s swimming history:
Christina is a certified USA Coach Level 3 and is trained in Total Immersion Swimming. She’s been swimming competitively since the age of six. She’s a state champion swimmer with Nationals, Pan Am Games and Olympic trials as part of her impressive resume. Swimming is her life and passion. She’s US Navy veteran, Certified Adapted Aquatics Specialist, and former Head Coach of the Wyomissing High school swim team as well as Head Coach of the Naples, Italy age group swim team and Lancaster age group swim team. She has also served as an Aquatic Director for several organizations for more than 20 years.
Christina’s certifications:
ASCA Level 3 Swim Coach, USA registered swimmer/coach, CPO, YMCA Aquatic Director, Adapted Aquatics Specialist, CPR Certified, B.S. Health Care Administration, US Navy Hospital Corpsman, Total Immersion Swimming
Christina’s vision for swimmers:
“Swimming is not just a sport, it’s a life skill. Everyone can swim and the water is a place where everyone is welcomed!”

Chiyo Miller

Specialties: Teaching pre-schoolers and learn to swim students how to swim and be water safe. Instruction in stroke technique with all levels of age group swimmers.

Chiyo’s swimming history:
Chiyo has been a certified swim instructor for the past 30 years at various clubs throughout the region. She has experience teaching all levels from infants to adults and she has coached various age group swim teams and worked with swimmers on stroke technique. Since retiring from the Reading School District as a Health and Physical Education teacher in 2015, she has been teaching at Body Zone and recently started coaching age group swimming again. When not teaching or coaching, Chiyo can be found having fun with her 10 grandchildren.
Chiyo’s certifications:
First Aid/CPR/AED, Water Safety Instructor, Former Lifeguard Instructor and Lifeguarding. BS in Health and Physical Education with a concentration in Aquatics, MS in Education
Chiyo’s vision for swimmers:
“Learn to swim and have fun while achieving the skills needed. Being water safe is an indispensable life skill that everyone should have! If you want to enter the sport of swimming, excel to your utmost potential by working hard and committing yourself.”

Lori Messner

Specialties: Private lessons for young children and adults, stroke development and work with triathletes for event training.

Lori’s swimming history:
Lori has been a swim instructor for more than 20 years having spent the last 10 at Body Zone. She recently retired from Schuylkill Valley Elementary School where she was a reading specialist. When she isn’t teaching or swimming she can be found swimming and/or in exercise classes at Body Zone. She is also a cycling enthusiast.
Lori’s certifications:
Water Safety Instructor, Lifeguard/CPR/AED/First Aid
Lori’s vision for swimmers:
“I believe that swimming is an essential skill that everyone should possess. It is a skill that can be utilized for one’s entire life.”

Stephen Paquette

Specialties: Private lessons for young children, infants, introduction to water, stroke development.

Stephen’s swimming history:
Stephen is a senior at Penn State Berks studying Early Childhood Education. He is a lifeguard and and recently received certification as a Water Safety Instructor primarily teaching preschool and parent/child classes.
Stephen’s certifications:
Water Safety Instructor,Lifeguard/CPR/AED/First Aid
Stephen’s vision for swimmers:
“Stephen loves seeing his students reach their goals and believes “When you learn how to swim you’re hitting three birds with one stone; you are learning a lifelong skill, exercise and just plain old fun.”

John Printz

Specialties: Teaching children from pre-school through high school and adults of all ages; adapted aquatics; and swimming instruction in German.

John’s swimming history:
From age 11, John knew he wanted to be an educator. He was a high school and junior high teacher for 34 years, mainly with Exeter Township School District and is certified to teach German, Math and Business. John was dedicated to helping grow the City of Reading playground and pool programs over a 10-year period by lending his leadership and aquatics skills to Schlegel Park Pool and Bilmeyer Pool (Camp Jolly and Camp Lily). He also managed the Wyomissing Pool and worked part-time as lifeguard for the Nazareth YMCA.
Prior to coming to Body Zone in 2011, John was an instructor for Aquabilities in Birdsboro.
John’s certifications:
Lifeguarding/First Aid/CPR/AED, Water Safety Instructor
John’s vision for swimmers:
John is most proud of helping so many children and adults overcome a fear of the water and learn to swim and enjoy the water. “The swimming instructor’s challenge is to help each child develop his/her swimming skills. This requires creative planning that incorporates toys, games, and FUN activities. Effective swimming instruction — regardless of the age of the learner — always focuses on adapting swimming skills to the age and physical strengths of the learner. One of the most important gifts a parent can give to protect his/her child is swimming instruction. Knowing how to swim safely and with confidence saves lives. Swimming is a life skill, one that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether the swimmer wants to focus on distance swimming, competitive swimming, or swimming for pleasure, swimming is great exercise and low-impact. Swimming also opens the door to many other sports ranging from boating and kayaking to surfing and scuba diving.”

Christina Williams

Specialties: Learning to swim at all ages, training competitive swimmers, stroke development

Christina’s swimming history:
Christina learned how to swim at the age of six and has loved swimming ever since. She swam competitively in high school and has always loved being in the water. She was active as an YMCA USA stroke and turn official and has been working as a swim instructor at Body Zone for the past 12 years. She enjoys teaching all ages and abilities and looks forward to seeing each person’s progress.
Christina’s certifications:
Water Safety Instructor, prior YMCA USA Level 1 & 2 swim official
Christina’s vision for swimmers:
She believes that as an instructor she needs to meet the needs of each individual. She realizes that everyone learns differently and has different goals and wants the learning process to be enjoyable. Swimming is a life skill and truly for all ages.

For more information about private swim lessons at Body Zone, please contact:
Juli Hyatt
Director of Aquatics