November Member Spotlight: Gale Terek

We're thrilled to partner with Country Meadows Retirement Communities to bring you our newest member spotlight. Who’s having fun and staying fit at Body Zone? Meet Gale Terek!   Because we are so proud of our inspiring fitness community, we love to discover what makes certain members tick especi... More

September Member Spotlight: Whit Shoenfelt

We’re thrilled to partner with Country Meadows Senior Care to bring you our newest member spotlight! Who's having fun and staying fit at Body Zone? Meet Whit Shoenfelt! For the past 14 years, Whit Shoenfelt has been paying it forward at Body Zone. He remembers the welcome and support he received as a new member ... More

Maggie’s Back In Action!

A two-sport athlete at Albright College, Maggie got her official “return to play” for soccer and swimming after a school year of rehabbing at Body Zone Physical Therapy. Maggie didn’t expect her sophomore year to begin with a season-ending torn ACL. Surgery to her ACL and meniscus happened immediately followed by ... More

“Keep On Sipping This Summer” Hydration Calendar

Water is important to the body at all times, but especially in warm weather. Keep your body healthy and happy with the easy-to-follow tips and facts found our “Keep on Sipping this Summer” Hydration Calendar. View your tips for sips here (click below) or stop by the 2nd floor Wellness Center to pick up a copy. More

June Member Spotlight: Elsa Montoya

We’re thrilled to partner with Country Meadows Senior Care to bring you our newest member spotlight featuring Elsa Montoya!   Who's having fun and staying fit at Body Zone? Meet Elsa Montoya! Elsa has been a Body Zone member since 2015. She believes that working out is not just for staying fit but it's very ... More

May Member Spotlight: Dee Salyards

In Dee's words: "Since my Parkinson's disease diagnosis in 2015, I have been through several therapy sessions but the Rock Steady Boxing program at Body Zone has been of great benefit to me. I was having trouble with my balance and falling backwards before participating in Body Zone's new program. Now I feel better ... More

April Member Spotlight: Tori Johnson

Tori Johnson is a happy, healthy, funny, Deaf-Blind teenager and 10th grader at Fleetwood High School. When she isn't swimming or making models, you'll find her shopping and very active in the All Abilities Fitness Program and Deaf-Blind community. Tori’s family joined Body Zone in 2017 shortly after Tori began ... More

Nominate A Rockstar Teacher Or Student For A Free One-Year Membership!

Got a rockstar teacher or student in your world? That educator or academic who takes their passion to the next level? Tell us who and why and you BOTH could win a FREE one-year fitness and aquatics membership valued at $828 each. Put the books down for a minute and get the nomination process going! Contest ... More

Eating Before You Work Out?

  Yes!  A pre-workout meal, eaten three hours within your workout, can offer multiple health benefits that can power you through your fitness practice. Replenishing your glycogen stores with nutrition can improve your energy level significantly during a workout, as your muscles are fueled by the energy ... More

February Health Spotlight: Kris Gillotti

We love hearing from our inspiring members and staff, and we recently caught up with Kris Gilotti, staff member since 2014, to learn more about her health and fitness journey. A beloved member of our group fitness instructing team, you'll find Kris poolside and on dry land making our members feel happy, energized, ... More