Group Fitness Inclement Weather Policy

Body Zone follows the Wilson School District inclement weather delay decision, which is listed as “Wilson – West Lawn” and available on local radio and TV stations.

Please note the following:

One-or two-hour delays:

No morning classes until 11:30 AM.

5:45 AM classes may or may not be conducted. Since a decision to delay school isn’t reached until 6:00 AM on some mornings, the decision to teach the early morning classes is left up to the instructor. Please call Guest Services at 610-376-2100 after 5:15 AM to check the status of these classes.

Early dismissal:

Classes will not be held after 1:00 PM

School closing:

All classes are cancelled in the morning and afternoon. A decision to conduct evening classes will be reached by 3:00 PM.

Consult the sources listed below for schedule updates for these days and weekends when the weather is questionable: