Country Meadows “Fit After 50” Spotlight: Roger Moyer

We’re thrilled to partner with Country Meadows Retirement Communities to bring you our newest active aging member in the spotlight: Roger Moyer!

Because we’re so proud of our inspiring fitness community, we like to find out more about what makes certain members tick especially Roger who shows us that staying very active and consistent with his fitness really pays off and that a smile and caring hello goes a long way in supporting his fellow members.

From weekly cycling classes to track workouts, mixing it up on our main weight floor and more, 71-year-old Roger Moyer is always on the move at Body Zone. A former distance runner, Roger has spent more than half his life devoted to regular exercise and ended up at Body Zone for a safe, organized, diverse and, three years later, very social fitness experience. You’ll almost never see Roger alone on the track or after a workout — he has the company of many new friends to keep his fitness upbeat and fun.

How long have you been exercising and devoted to your health, fitness and well-being?
I have been exercising for 44 years. For 28 of them I was a distance runner with one marathon, one half-marathon and many 10 and 5Ks on the completed list.

What types of exercise do you do at BZ and outside of BZ? And why? How do you stay happy, healthy and active?
At Body Zone, I mix my exercise with lots of cardio, through cycling classes and time on the elliptical and track, and weights. I do this to keep myself healthy and when I leave it makes me happy knowing I did the best I could.

I also have two bird dogs and they keep me very active on a daily basis.

How do you make your fitness fun and enjoyable?
I enjoy conversations with others on the track and treadmills and after classes. I often make new friends on the track and overall I’ve made many new friends since I joined Body Zone three years ago.

[Roger is a favorite among Body Zone staff too. According to BZ Trainer Andre Lockhart,” Roger is a pleasure to have as a member. He’s very friendly, personable, and always has a positive attitude. Roger is always working hard too. He’s usually at Body Zone about an hour or two and is always working hard. His soaking wet shirts from cycling and strength training are a common sight!”]

What are your hobbies/interests when you aren’t on the move and working out?
I am a retired firefighter for the City of Reading and I really enjoy shooting sports like skeet shooting.

**Thanks to Country Meadows Retirement Communities we’ll be celebrating Body Zone’s ”Fit After 50” members all year long! They’ll be recognized for their commitment to fitness while spreading kindness to others. As a special bonus, Country Meadows Senior Care will be honoring them with a $25 BZ Bucks gift card too.

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