March Member Spotlight: Lauren Newton

Lauren’s dedication to training and stellar work ethic makes her a superstar member, but her smart-and-savvy wellness mindset is something all of us can learn from.

Lauren (right) with BZ Trainer Olivia Shaffer

When Lauren Newton isn’t juggling the books as a full-time nursing student at Alvernia University, working at a local hospital or teaching young girls learn how to play field hockey, she’s going to be found at Body Zone, chipping away at fitness goals that, most importantly, are set at her own pace.

She exercises six times a week at Body Zone, mixing personal training on Saturdays with BZ Trainer Olivia Shaffer, Small Group Training, and group fitness classes together to create an engaging weekly fitness schedule. Before, she was uncomfortable working out just on her own: doing basic treadmill workouts proved to be too boring and she needed the excitement of a group setting to drive her to come to the gym consistently.

While her goal is to lose 30-40 pounds while toning and strengthening muscle, she’s already well on her way. Her greatest fitness achievement to date is that she has already lost four dress sizes in six weeks from her mix of personal training sessions and small group workouts.

Lauren’s progress photo! Then (six weeks ago) and now (March 1, 2017)

Though she’s already seen results, she’s developed a philosophy on fitness that is well beyond her 25-year-old self:

“I don’t have an end date for the weight to come off because I want to lose the weight in a healthy fashion, and I don’t want to feel pressured when the date approaches,” she told Body Zone in an interview. “As much as we wish results would come overnight, it’s not the reality. But if you stick with it and believe in the process, you will be so happy with the results!”

As she works hard to meet her wellness goals, Lauren strongly suggests the Small Group Training format to others looking for the motivation and energy that stems from a group setting. She’s credited the Body Zone personal training staff for making her workouts the key to her weight loss and muscle strengthening aspirations.

“Doing the Small Group Training, I have had the pleasure with working with almost all of the personal trainers BZ offers,” she said. “Although they are all unique in their own ways, they are all genuine and it is clear they enjoy their job and want me and the rest of the Small Group Training clients to achieve their goals.”

Lauren’s taken all of Body Zone’s fitness offerings in full stride – especially as she works to mix in group fitness classes like Zumba and Studio Cycling throughout the week – and with such a positive uplifting mentality, it’s no surprise she’s meeting her goals.

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