Is RED-S Preventing You From Making Progress in Your Workouts?

By: Jackie Confalone, read her bio below Many people begin, or ramp up, their fitness routine with a specific goal in mind. But as the days and weeks pass, they’re feeling cranky, tired, and out of sorts. It seems like the harder they work at the gym or on the running or cycling path, the less progress they make. ... More

How to Start Exercising When You Don’t Want To

By: Jackie Confalone | read her bio below “Getting fit is all about mind over matter. I don't mind, so it doesn't matter.” ― Adam Hargreaves “If by ‘crunches’ you mean the sound potato chips make when you chew them, then yes, I do crunches.” -Unknown “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I ... More

How Flexible Are You?

By: Jackie Confalone Think you’re physically fit? Complete physical fitness means more than being able to run a mile, bike for thirty minutes, lift weights, or take group fitness classes. True physical fitness includes five key components: 1. Cardiovascular endurance 2. Muscular strength 3. Muscular endurance 4. ... More

Strength In Numbers

By: Jackie Confalone Back in January, you may have set some New Year’s resolutions, or as I wrote previously, Whole-Year Resolutions. Perhaps you’ve tried some cardio machines, walking on the track at Body Zone, and tried Body Zone's more than 85 weekly group fitness classes. Maybe a brief thought came into your ... More

Member Spotlight: Danielle Smyre

Because we are so proud of our fitness community, we like to find out more about what makes certain members tick especially Danielle, who inspires us with her self-care goals, especially fitness. Learn more about Danielle, a new member of the Body Zone family, in her own empowering words. Hi BZ friends! What an ... More

Setting And Reaching Healthy Eating And Fitness Goals (It’s not the luck of the Irish!)

By: Jackie Confalone March. A month of transitions. From winter to the official start of spring. In like a lion, out like a lamb. It's a month of renewals and life as we start the period of Lent and daffodils spring up from the cold, hard-crusted ground. And, of course, the month of celebrating the luck o’ the Irish ... More

How To Love Fitness (Even In The Bitter Cold Of Winter)

By: Jackie Confalone There is a lot happening in February. Wait ... what? February? Groundhog Day, President’s Day, African American History, Women’s History, Heart Month, the Super Bowl, Chinese New Year, World Nutella Day (yes, really), and one of my favorites, Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (February 5th if you ... More

Whole-Year Resolutions (Not New Year’s Resolutions)

By: Jackie Confalone Happy New Year! Time for New Year’s resolutions? The thought of them may fill you with anxiety, may inspire you to make positive changes in your life, or may completely turn you off. At the beginning of a new year, many make serious resolutions such as exercise more, lose weight, or save money. ... More

Your Fitness And The Holidays

Finding the time to go to the gym during the holidays may not be a holiday miracle, but it is giving your body the gift it deserves! More

How To Find Motivation To Work Out

By Body Zone Trainer Olivia Shaffer We all want to get in shape and for the most part we know how to. There's no magic secret, you exercise and eat healthy. So then why do we lose motivation two weeks into a healthy lifestyle? Once the initial "I'm ready to be healthy!" excitement ends, the motivation ends as well. ... More