January Member Spotlight: Renee Bailey

Ask Renee what her favorite gift was this past Christmas and she’ll tell you without hesitation that it was a training package at Body Zone. It was a great surprise from her husband who knew she wanted to make a change to better herself but was struggling with results and simply showing up for workouts.  Her goals?  To slim down, feel better about herself and gain more energy to chase her two little ones around.

Despite her hectic life, she’s an entrepreneur too, Renee partnered with BZ Trainer Lindsay Hetrick to make change happen and she did it in a big way.  She committed to a four to five days per week training schedule with Lindsay — a personal training intensive of sorts.  Lindsay showed her the correct way to exercise taking her from the rower, to free weights, bike and more.  Lindsay introduced her to heavy strength, core and interval training and incorporated her MYZONE heart rate belt into every workout to help monitor her effort, and make certain that there was lots of variety in her exercises

 The best part, she kept Renee accountable and, according to Renee, “she has changed my life for the better.” In 19 days, Renee saw incredible changes in body composition.  Her results were measured thanks to Body Zone’s medical grade InBody body composition screening. She lost 2.4 lbs of fat, and gained 1.4 lbs of muscle.  Her visceral (core) fat has greatly decreased, and she’s seen an 1.3% overall loss of body fat among many other changes. Renee credits her new fitness regimen with her new boost in energy and mood. After a workout, the rest of her day is easier and she feels new and unpreviously felt vibes of fulfillment and contentment. Her achievements prove that there is so much more to personal fitness than a number on the scale.

Renee feels empowered from her partnership with Lindsay, “Buddying up with a trainer is the best way to achieve your goals.  And in my case, Lindsay has become a friend — which makes my workouts even better.”

Renee’s advice to others who want to make a change particularly her fellow members at Body Zone? “When you feel that you have reached your limit, goals out of sight or just get frustrated do not give up! We have all been there and it is possible to get out of your rut because everyone at Body Zone, members and staff, are so supportive — it’s like a family.”

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