December Member Spotlight: Kathy Gerber-Fegely

Kathy joined Body Zone in 2016 — she decided it was time to take care of herself after a long teaching career and raising three children. She took advantage of our new member orientation programs to kick start her new path of fitness but soon realized that she needed to mix up her workouts. She noticed fellow members utilizing other areas and aspects of the gym and, although she was making strides with strength, she felt she wasn’t getting a well-rounded workout.

Kathy gave our free “Test Drive A Trainer” program a whirl. In that short 25-minute session by Body Zone Trainer Andre Lockhart, she quickly realized that she needed guidance to progress. She partnered with Andre for weekly training sessions while she kept up with almost daily workouts on her own.

It was truly time for Kathy to make a commitment to her health, “I just want to feel strong and be the best I can be. I wanted to really focus on myself. My whole family has lifted weights and participated in sports while all I did was walk the dogs and ride my bike.”

Her workouts with Andre are all about variety: kettle bells, med balls, circuits, cable machines, dumbbells and more.They do a mixture of strength-based training and circuit training to help her build muscular strength and burn off some fat. And Andre keeps tabs on her heart rate and effort during every minute of their time together; she uses our MYZONE heart rate wearable. It’s real-time feedback via monitors in our training areas helps Andre know exactly what energy zone she’s in and how further he can push her.

She feels working with Andre has challenged and pushed her in a good way. “I feel muscles I never knew were there and Andre is so motivating.”

And the results are showing too. She’s feeling great about herself and a relative of hers says she’s looking “cut.”

Her advice to others who are looking to buddy up with a trainer? Make the investment! You are worth it.

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