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June Member Spotlight: Elsa Montoya

We’re thrilled to partner with Country Meadows Senior Care to bring you our newest member spotlight featuring Elsa Montoya!   Who's having fun and staying fit at Body Zone? Meet Elsa Montoya! Elsa has been a Body Zone member since 2015. She believes that working out is not just for staying fit but it's very therapeutic as well. She has met so ... More

May Member Spotlight: Dee Salyards

In Dee's words: "Since my Parkinson's disease diagnosis in 2015, I have been through several therapy sessions but the Rock Steady Boxing program at Body Zone has been of great benefit to me. I was having trouble with my balance and falling backwards before participating in Body Zone's new program. Now I feel better about myself, feel much stronger and I ... More

February Health Spotlight: Kris Gillotti

We love hearing from our inspiring members and staff, and we recently caught up with Kris Gilotti, staff member since 2014, to learn more about her health and fitness journey. A beloved member of our group fitness instructing team, you'll find Kris poolside and on dry land making our members feel happy, energized, informed and fit. From sickness to ... More

January Member Spotlight: Renee Bailey

Ask Renee what her favorite gift was this past Christmas and she'll tell you without hesitation that it was a training package at Body Zone. It was a great surprise from her husband who knew she wanted to make a change to better herself but was struggling with results and simply showing up for workouts.  Her goals?  To slim down, feel ... More

December Member Spotlight: Kathy Gerber-Fegely

Kathy joined Body Zone in 2016 -- she decided it was time to take care of herself after a long teaching career and raising three children. She took advantage of our new member orientation programs to kick start her new path of fitness but soon realized that she needed to mix up her workouts. She noticed fellow members utilizing other areas and aspects of ... More

September Member Spotlight: Bernice Robinson-Bennett

Like most people stuck in a fitness rut, Body Zone member Bernice Robinson-Bennett was having trouble seeing results even with a consistent workout routine. The 45-year-old mother of two had always made an active lifestyle a priority of hers. She joined BZ in 2015 after bringing her children to swim lessons for three years prior, but she just wasn’t ... More

August Member Spotlight: Alana Kadas

Alana Kadas has a lot of things to live a healthy life for. She's a mother to four boys, wife to her high school sweetheart of 13 years and participant in a variety of interesting hobbies -- like being a member of the Reading Derby Girls. It’s important for her to stay strong, lose weight and stay on a path to wellness. It wasn’t always the case for ... More

June Member Spotlight: Carol Angelisanti

When BZ member Carol Angelisanti embarked on her wellness journey in 2014 – quitting smoking and starting to watch what she ate very closely – she wasn’t immediately sure how to tackle working out, or “going to a gym.” She worked out at home frequently after days of inactivity at the bank where she worked. She wanted to curb that restless feeling ... More

May Member Spotlight: Sara Smith

When BZ member Sara Smith moved to the Reading area just under 12 years ago, she, in her own words, was “extremely morbidly obese.” Since then, though, the 34-year-old rock star (literally – she’s the lead vocalist of a local band called Resin Soul) committed to entirely revamping her wellness routine and lifestyle. Since moving to the area and ... More

“I Exercise With MYZONE For Quality of Life”

Meet Steve Essig: Body Zone's MYZONE Member of the Month We love hearing from our inspiring members and caught up with Steve Essig, member since 2007, to learn more about his fitness journey, commitment to health and his experience with our new MYZONE group heart rate tracking technology (notice all the monitors and flashing tiles on our 2nd floor?). He ... More