September Member Spotlight: Whit Shoenfelt

We’re thrilled to partner with Country Meadows Senior Care to bring you our newest member spotlight!

Who’s having fun and staying fit at Body Zone? Meet Whit Shoenfelt!

For the past 14 years, Whit Shoenfelt has been paying it forward at Body Zone. He remembers the welcome and support he received as a new member all those years ago and wants to give back. To see Whit in action, you immediately understand this is what makes fitness fun and meaningful for him.

Feeling discouraged with a slow recovery after a knee replacement in 2006, Whit decided to take his health more seriously and has been an active member ever since. When he isn’t enjoying the great outdoors on his walks or cruising Europe, you’ll find Whit at Body Zone several times a week working on his balance on our training turf, performing a cardio activity or lifting weights on our strength training equipment — all part of his plan to stay ahead of, as he calls it, the aging curve.

What makes a difference for Whit’s fitness routine and well-being is socialization with fellow members. “I make my workouts fun by engaging with everyone. Members are like family. Staff is always there with a warm greeting and support. There are times when you can be a good listener or helper and if it makes someone happy, then I feel good about myself. If I see someone struggling, I’ll offer them assistance or a suggestion. I have to admit sometimes workouts take a little bit longer because of the social aspects but I always get it accomplished,” says Whit.

From his kind smile, to his many supportive acts and his ability to make someone laugh and relax, Whit is Body Zone’s roving ambassador of goodwill and happiness. His way of making fitness enjoyable is something we can all rally behind. Thank you Whit!

Thanks to Country Meadows Retirement Communities we’ll be celebrating Body Zone’s ”Fit after 50” members all year long! They’ll be recognized for their commitment to fitness while spreading kindness and joy to others. As a special bonus, Country Meadows will be honoring them with a $25 BZ Bucks gift card too.

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