COVID-19 Updates

UPDATED: June 28, 2021

Due to the new PA Department of Health guidance issued today, face masks are optional at Body Zone Sports and Wellness Complex.

We encourage those who are not vaccinated or partially vaccinated to continue wearing a mask for your protection and others around you while at Body Zone Sports and Wellness Complex.

Let’s Keep Body Zone Healthy Together

We are committed to a healthy and safe Body Zone community:

  • Please stay home if you are sick or have come in contact with someone who’s been ill. Body Zone staff is also encouraged to stay home if they are ill or have a fever.
  • Space has never been more important and we’re lucky to have plenty of it all over our building. Our equipment and programming has been redesigned with safe distancing and when necessary, capacity limits, as a top priority.
  • Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have followed stringent sanitation procedures for proper disinfection. We have a 24-hour janitorial service already dedicated to this function and another dedicated cleaning team is hitting spaces and equipment with EPA-registered, medical-grade disinfectant (via air-driven mister and other devices) used to kill viruses like COVID-19 on all high touch surfaces.
  • Sanitation Stations equipped with disinfectant wipes, spray and 70% hand gel are located throughout our facility. As always, please wipe all equipment before and after use.
  • Staff safety protocols are well developed to protect you and our employees.
  • Keep your hands clean. Wash your hands before and after you work out or play at Body Zone.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve when you sneeze/cough.
  • Properly dispose of tissues, paper towels and wipes in trash receptacles.
  • Members, patients and customers are required to complete our updated liability waiver prior to participating in services or programs at Body Zone.
  • Watch our welcome back video to see how we kept our members safe when we reopened: