COVID-19 Updates

UPDATED: August 21, 2020 | Facility Updates

Status of Body Zone Programs & Services

  • Body Zone Physical Therapy is open and accepting patients.
  • Our fitness center reopened on Monday, June 29.
    Members! Read our “Back In The Zone” Reopening Guide For Members HERE. It’s our comprehensive and phased reopening plan covering enhanced cleaning and disinfection, social distancing, equipment distancing (99% of cardio and strength equipment is intact and spaced 6-12 feet apart), staff training and development of new protocols — our commitment to your safe return. We’re ready for you! And we want you to be ready too.
  • 11 weeks of our Summer Adventure Camp welcomed hundreds of campers ages 5-13 and celebrated no cases of COVID-19 due to our strict health and safety protocols.
  • The following youth programs for active and healthy kids are now open for registration: Fall Swim School, Private Swim Lessons; Learn To Skate; Tot Sports; School of Hoops Basketball Clinics; School’s Out Day Camps.
  • Check back for more information on: pool programming, ice sports, indoor sports and other youth programs.

Watch our welcome back video to see how we are keeping our members safe!

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Enhanced Facility-Wide Cleaning & Disinfecting Protocol

Per Center of Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, we’ve cleaned and disinfected every spot in our facility from top to bottom, and have serious plans to keep it that way:

  • We will continue to follow stringent sanitation procedures for proper disinfection. Although we have 24-hour janitorial service already dedicated to this function, our reopening task force has assembled a new department devoted to enhanced cleaning via a daily schedule with assigned jobs and tasks.
  • Like always, our dedicated cleaning team will use an EPA-registered, medical-grade disinfectant used to kill viruses like COVID-19 on all equipment, studios, floors and high touch surfaces: sanitation stations, doorknobs, handles, rails, light switches, keyboards, you name it.
  • Our “mister crew” will utilize our new air-assisted misting machines (of medical-grade disinfectant) to sanitize and disinfect around the clock, and on a pre-determined daily schedule organized by our task force. Why a mister? It allows us to spray evenly, gets hard to reach surfaces and clings to every surface it coats. Why an air driven mister? Research shows that an air driven mister is more effective than electrostatic distribution because forced air doesn’t compromise the stability of the disinfectant. WATCH A VIDEO OF THE MISTER IN ACTION
  • Look for many more self-cleaning stations throughout the building consisting of EPA-registered hand wipes and hand gel of 70% alcohol and higher. Let’s keep Body Zone healthy together! Please clean your equipment before and after use.
  • We are going touch free with soap and towel dispensers and most doors.

Let’s Keep Body Zone Healthy Together

We can all do our part to stop the spread of disease per these CDC and World Health Organization (WHO) safety guidelines:
Please note: In-depth safety measures for members, including information on our phased fitness and aquatics center reopening, is located HERE.

  • Touch-free temperature check of all who enter Body Zone.
  • Face masks are required upon entering and exiting Body Zone, as you travel to different exercise and indoor spaces, when you use common areas and restrooms, wait for classes and are cleaning and replacing equipment.
  • Respect social distancing rules — six feet apart at all times while at Body Zone. Messaging is installed all over the facility to remind you.
  • Staff safety protocols are well developed to protect you and our employees. Staff safety guidelines are listed on this page.
  • Keep your hands clean. Wash your hands before and after you work out or play at Body Zone. Hand washing guidelines are located in all locker rooms and here. We also encourage you to use hand sanitation stations (60% or more alcohol) located throughout the fitness, aquatics and physical therapy areas. This infographic shows you how to properly handrub hand sanitizer.
  • Sanitation Stations equipped with disinfectant wipes, spray and hand gel are located throughout our facility. As always, please wipe all equipment before and after use.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve when you sneeze/cough.
  • Properly dispose of tissues, paper towels and wipes in trash receptacles.
  • Please stay home if you are sick. Body Zone staff is encouraged to stay home if they are ill or have a fever.
  • Overall, focus on maintaining your health. See specific CDC recommendations here.

Pool Safety & Disinfection Policies

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the pool area, we are following strict CDC and PA Dept of Health guidelines to keep our members and guests safe. For pool programming, this becomes especially difficult and challenging. Because of social distancing mandates, capacity restrictions and required cleaning protocols, lap swimming, recreational swimming and aqua fitness are suspended until September 2020 or later. In addition, the hydrotherapy pool will be closed indefinitely.

Fall Swim School and private swim lessons are now open for registration.

Per the CDC, there is no evidence that COVID-19 can spread to people through the water used in pools, hot tubs, or water playgrounds and proper operation and disinfection of pools, hot tubs, and water playgrounds should kill the virus that causes COVID-19.

During our shutdown, our pools and adjoining locker rooms were thoroughly disinfected and received daily and weekly maintenance on pool water and systems per our regular high standards of sanitization and testing protocols which already followed CDC guidelines. Pool water is tested by BZ staff three times per day and receives weekly testing from a local laboratory. Pool water is treated with calcium hypochlorite, via a new filtration system (December 2019) which is a form of chlorine and sphagnum moss and EPA-registered for pool disinfection.

Body Zone’s pool ventilation system was completely overhauled in 2019 with a state-of-the-art air handler that receives regular filter replacement and inspection.

Pool staff, via an established schedule, cleans and disinfects all touchpoints and pool deck as well as check the water chemistry prior to camp pool times and immediately afterward. Pool staff has been trained in all cleaning strategies and is required to wear and enforce masks and practice and enforce social distancing.

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Other helpful resources for gym goers or anyone visiting commercial spaces:

PA Dept. of Health Coronavirus Updates

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