Masano Auto Group is driven to lower health care costs

Taking matters into their own hands

Businesses across the nation are faced with increasing healthcare costs. Tom Masano Auto Group experienced it firsthand. “At renewal time earlier this year, we were faced with a $40,000 rate increase. We discovered, after a lot of research, that in order to lower costs we needed a healthy pool of employees,” says John J. Masano, president. “We also realized it was time for our employees to take ownership of their health.”

Within a few months, the Tom Masano Auto Group Healthcare Committee was developed and given the charge of creating a healthy and proactive organization. They focused on three key components to a healthier lifestyle: smoking cessation, healthy diet and lots of exercise and realized that creating a hub of health, their own fitness center, would be a great start. “Building the fitness center and providing a place to exercise right here at work helps us take away all of the excuses,” Masano said. “We’ll also provide steadfast support and incentives along the way.”

Housed in their parts distribution warehouse and business development center in Shillington, which is centrally located among Masano’s seven dealerships, the fitness center serves more than 200 employees.

Let wellness begin and let Body Zone help

As wellness consultants to Masano, Body Zone Corporate Wellness Services designed and equipped the fitness center and put together a comprehensive employee wellness program to get their employees moving. Fully stocked with state-of-the-art strength and cardio machines, free weights, and functional training pieces, the fitness center serves as home to a myriad of wellness programs.

Body Zone conducted personal wellness profiles for employees which identified prevalent health risk factors and put in place programming to address the problems that need the most help. Wellness programs such as smoking cessation, nutrition guidance, weight reduction and stress management have Masano employees educated, engaged, inspired and competitive.

Tom Masano Auto Group has taken an aggressive approach to tackling today’s health care challenges, and their proactive strategies are unique in today’s business world. Body Zone is committed to helping them achieve their ultimate goal of creating a workplace where healthy lifestyles are rewarded and employees thrive.

Body Zone Corporate Wellness Services offers a wide-range of solutions to the wellness needs of businesses of any size. To learn what Body Zone can do for your company contact Debbie Stiller at 610-376-2100 x 284.